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FHFA Raises Mortgage Loan Limits For 2023

Like last year, the limits are increasing again. Conforming loan limits increased from last year’s $647,200 to $726,200 for 1-unit properties. In high-limit areas like coastal California, the limit is as high as $1,089,300. You can view a map showing the conforming loan limits across the country here.  Increasing the conforming loan limit means more …

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Using a Temporary Buydown to Lower Housing Payments

Mortgage lenders are bringing back a loan program called a 2-1 buydown or temporary buydown. These programs have been around for a while but only get dusted off when rates have recently increased. The buydown is a way to lower interest rates and buyers’ mortgage payments for the short term. The seller or builder typically …

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Now Licensed in Tennessee!

Bringing homeownership to you in the State of Tennessee, QHL makes it simple by providing more ways to say yes! Learn more about Tennessee’s housing market and how QHL can help you become a homeowner today. Tennessee has seen many new residents migrating from other states around the US and is one of the fastest-growing …

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Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

Home equity is at an all-time high. Borrowing money secured against your home can be a great way to consolidate debt and get cash for home improvements. When considering borrowing against your home’s equity, you typically have two options: you can do a full refinance and replace the existing loan or obtain a loan against …

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